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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 7, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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inside a bathroom at levi's stadium. tonight: you won't believe how live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. this wild 9ers fans go at each other inside a bathroom at levi stadium. tonight you won't believe how this wild fight got started. >> andria borba is outside levi's with what we know happened in that bathroom. >> reporter: this fight was absolutely no joke. tonight one of the victims still in the hospital here in santa clara county in serious condition. santa clara p-d to sort out the m 46.16 minutes after the ass re in the fight happened prekickoff in the 300 section bathroom and left one man unconscious on the floor and these two amador and
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dario revelro leaving levi's in handcuffs. the fight, all about a stall seriously. >> just plain out idiots. >> reporter: it starts with a sucker punch, a guy in a kaepernick jersey out cold. the sound of fists smacking flesh punctuate the screams in the latrine. and then it's over leaving santa clara pd to sort out the mess. >> minutes after the assault occurred these folks were in custody. >> reporter: it's the latest incident to make the faithful look more like the san francisco 40 felons. remember this fight a few weeks ago at the cardinals game? in the scorching hot news santa clara stadium the temperatures of the gold blooded seem to be running white hot. >> it wasn't even one team against the other. it was all one team.
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time to go. >> reporter: marie risener with a word of advice to gamegoers. >> go to the game. be nice. >> reporter: the two suspects in the case are still in santa clara county custody awaiting to be formally charged in this case. andria borba, kpix5. look at this video that our photographer took at yesterday's game. police arrested this guy and then grabbed his hands and legs to haul him from the stadium. it happened during the 3rd quarter. we don't know what led up to all that. another one of our photographers snapped this picture of a santa clara police officer holding an assault rifle. the stadium has said guest safety is its highest priority. about 20 san jose police officers moonlight with the 49ers working security. tonight the department says it's going to take a closer look at that because when officers responded to a domestic violence call at ray mcdonald's house, they found
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one of their own already there. sergeant shawn pritchard. police won't say if he was on duty but tell the mercury news he's barred from any other further work with the team for now. from football to baseball the giants couldn't pull off a sweep against the washington nationals tonight in large part because of this, an error by pitcher madison baumgardner that allowed two runs to score. hear what happened later in sports, but here's another error on the field, this one with tony bennett and god bless america. >> tony bennett certainly hit all the right notes. he just not necessarily got all the right word, but hey, he's hardly the first. as far as patriotic song goes at sporting events, we've seen the best at their worst. james taylor. co. grandfathered status. and ts one. matthew cerrone @matthewcerrone 3h3 nsider making ♪ oh beautiful oh say can you
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see? ♪ . >> christina. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪. >> now mr. bennett. >> from the mountain to the prairies to the ocean white with gold ♪ . >> wait. what was that? ♪ white with gold ♪ . >> should have been white with foam, but then again, this is tone bennett. tone-- tony bennett. ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> he's 88 and tonight getting support and sympathy on twitter. one person tweets no one say a word about the lyrics. it's tony bennett in san
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francisco. grandfathered status and this one. i consider making that a permanent change to the lyrics because tony bennett is that awesome, but none sum it up better like look, if tony bennett says those are the words, those are the words. ♪ white with gold ♪ . >> some have called tony bennett's version the west coast rewrite because come on, guys, gold rush, golden gate bridge, right? >> i think you're onto something because we all know tony would not make a mistake. >> no. >> never. >> we'll go with his version. >> yes. it is that version. >> done. well, a bizarre attack in berkeley. check this out. keep your eye on the woman pushing this shopping cart. she turns around, then slams an 85-year-old woman to the ground for no apparent reason. the victim ended up in the hospital. it happened on shaddock avenue near alston way a couple weeks
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ago, berkeley police just now releasing the video because the attacker has not yet been caught. also tonight the gopher problem is so bad at 1 middle school in fremont that kids themselves are filling in the holes but not before christin ayers says one student was pretty seriously hurt. ospitalized for three da says the injury is >> reporter: she's an 8th grader here at thornton junior high. she stepped in a gopher hole and basically snapped her femur on one of hundreds of gopher holes all over the football field. it happened in an instant. >> all i could hear from behind me was like a snap. >> reporter: and megan mill's best friend was down on the football field with a badly broken leg. >> her leg kind of look like a broken twig. >> reporter: malia was hospitalized three days and her mother says the injury is so bad her daughter likely won't play sports again. >> her bone was completely split in half and they said the next step would be to have a
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titanium rod put into her leg the rest of her life. >> reporter: the culprit the school football field or rather the hundreds of gopher holes scattered across it. >> there have been so many kids that have fallen and like twisted their angles in those holes. >> this has been -- ankles in those holes. >> this has been ongoing and the districts has done nothing about this. >> reporter: take take look. there are holes, pock marks all over the field. we talked to gopher control experts. they say business is booming and it's all because of the drought. >> i would not be surprised that this has happened here. >> reporter: bridget karl is a specialist with gophers limited, says gophers burrow for food and water in moisture rich areas. with no rain and limits on lawn watering. >> they're going to the few places that do water including school fields. >> reporter: fremont unified school district would not talk on camera but said they'll have a risk manager look at the field. >> you can look at it all day long, but until you do something about it, then that's
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when we'll see some improvement. >> the family is still considering legal action but tell christin ayers they haven't made a decision. students told us they were still playing on that field this afternoon. a 14-year-old boy is under arrest tonight. police say he shot a 9-year-old boy in the arm with a bb gun on el camino in palo alto. the older boy tried to rob him of his pocket money. the 9-year-old ran off. the older boy caught up with him and shot him. turns out the 9-year-old didn't have any money. he wasn't seriously hurt. we're getting an earful from people who tell us that hikers are ignoring a brand-new curfew on mission peak in fremont. the parks department had to start the curfew because mission peak is suddenly famous. betty yu shows us famous with hikers and posers. nts a picture." "and to prove that you made it te top - take a picture." bett else it didn't happen right? "yeah (laughs)" the east bay regional park district estis that about 6 thousand people make the hike every weekende problem? there are only 42 parking at the stanford avee trail. sot: sonal gandhi / homeow
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ar alarms >> reporter: it really has become a social phenomenon to make the 3-mile hike up mission peak and snap a photo, but it's really become a problem for many homeowners nearby and this is the park district's solution, a new 7:30 curfew. it used to be 10 p.m. it's been in effect about a week. is thereset hike or a sunrise h out thanks, betty. on instagram #missionpeak has more than 88,000 posts. every weekend thousands make it to the top to snap photos against a spectacular backdrop. >> everyone wants a picture and make it to the top to prove it, take a picture. >> reporter: or else it didn't happen, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: the east bay regional park district estimates about 6,000 people make the hike of weekend. the problem? there are only 42 parking spots at the stanford avenue trail. >> mostly it's just a car alarms, door slamming at ungodly hours, littering.
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>> reporter: janelle gonzi says the spillover has turned the place into a big parking lot on the weekends and she says the new curfew hasn't helped. >> when you're taking three, four, five cars and people coming in more on the weekend says, it's very difficult for people to follow because there was a time just the week before that when there was no curfew. >> reporter: some hikers tell me they'll have to change their routine. >> i've been using the park for 20 years three time a week. this is debilitating a lot of people. >> reporter: the park district says -- >> the amount of legal use we were seeing was so extreme that we have felt compelled to take some action for that. >> reporter: the park district says it's also encouraging hikers to use two other entrances to mission peak. it also wants hikers to explore its other parks. it says to reduce this overcrowding and combat this
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problem, it's considering a hiker fee. it is also considering issuing residential permits to help the problem. the park district has not put any of its officers out since this curfew went into effect to enforce it. >> those signs around really doing much. people are just walking right through. >> reporter: another problem is that they make it up the hill, but they don't really calculate how long it takes them to get down here. so tonight we saw a couple stragglers make it down past the curfew. >> sure. it gets dark earlier. thank you. an coming up the principal at one of the most elite high schools in the bay area arrested. tone his secret double life, meth, heroin and a passed out woman. >> the chp officer saves a guy from an ant attack. tonight it's one of what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying?
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mike honda and ro khanna me their only debate. honda is the 7- term incumbent backe
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the democratc establishment. a face-off tonight in san jose in a big congressional race. honda is the seventh term backed by the political establishment and both are democrats and agree on quite a bit. one difference tonight, the question whether youth trumps experience. >> as a teacher and an administrator over 20 years, that was the direction i went until i hit the direct elected politics and there i took all this experience and turned that into policy making. >> there's a question. is the american dream going to be a life for the next generation? and at this time unfortunately we have a washington politics that seems so disconnected. >> this is for the 17th congressional district. it covers fremont to san jose to cupertino and out to sunnyvale. parents spend about 40
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grand a year to send a child to the branson school. the prep school says it wants people with character to make the world a better place. tonight linda yee tells us it looks like the brandon headmaster led a dark double life. >> reporter: it's an exclusive private school with a headmaster who graduated with honors from lake forest college and earned a masters and doctorate in graduate schools, but tonight thomas price can add criminal charges to his pedigree bio. ply troubl developments." >> needless to say this guy lives a couple different lifestyles. >> reporter: price was found in his hotel room filled with meth, cocaine, heroin and a young woman unconscious on the bed by police. >> it took officers several minutes to get her to a conscious and coherent state. >> reporter: school administrators refused comment, but in a letter to parents released late today branson's board chair wrote, "as of this afternoon dr. price is not on campus and has tendered his
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resignation and we are deeply troubled by these developments." seedy circumstances from a man who once talked about what he expects of his students at this college prep school. >> we care about what kind of people, their honor and integrity are essential parts of the branson experience." >> reporter: the headmaster and his female companion were both charged with having narcotics for sale. >> according to the san francisco business times, price makes almost half a million dollars a year. fleet week has returned to the bay area. the blue angels will perform this weekend. you won't miss them if they're flying over you and you can expect a parade of navy ships. this is the navy's newest uss america to be commissioned on saturday. >> it's a very impressive vessel. i guess it's going to be commissioned saturday and i'm
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hoping i'll be attending that. >> wow, i've never been up this close to an aircraft carrier before. >> small town, kid. fleet week was canceled last year because of budget cuts. we have your complete guide of all the events at d driver -- from an ant attack. tonight one of the strangest life saving stories we have ever heard. >> we spoke to a chp officer in tracy who saved a stranded driver from an ant attack. >> reporter: in all his years with the california highway patrol officer dan garza never had a call like this. >> that night it was 9:00. i was on patrol westbound 580. >> reporter: he came upon a southern california man named dietrich jong passing through on vacation with his family. he had a blown out tire and asked the officer to stick around on the shoulder and give him a little light. >> kneeled down changing the tire. >> reporter: this was the spot which also happens to be home to some very angry ants.
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>> he came back to my patrol car and said hey, officer, i'm sorry this is taking so long, but there's ants in the area and they're crawling up my leg. >> reporter: the officer saw dietrich gasping crawling for his patrol car. he got an oxygen mask to keep dietrich breathing. turns out he'd been bitten by fire ants 100 time. dietrich had an extremely rare allergic reaction and went into shock. weeks later officer garza got a phone call. >> he was thanking me for being there and saving his life and said if i hadn't been there, he problem would have died. >> the chp says officer garza will get an award for saving the man's life. >> good work. they do good work every day. brian hackney in tonight and, well, it was kind of warm
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over the weekend. are we going warm again or cooling off or what? >> we're doing both. >> perfect. everybody will be happy. >> especially by midweek because i think you've had just about enough of this in the east bay where livermore was almost 100 degrees today again. we'll cool down towards wednesday and thursday. concord right now 64 degrees, livermore still 73 as we approach the witching hour, san jose 64, santa rosa 65 degrees, 97 in fairfield today the high, 73 in san francisco and just look at this temperature spread within 15 miles at the lighthouse it was 58 at 3:00 this afternoon. at woodacre just a few miles away 94, so a huge temperature spread, but microclimates in the bay area. tomorrow morning fog on the shoreline, sunny inland and temperatures in the mid-60s, afternoon highs still plenty
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warm, 90 degrees inland. as the sun sank slowly in the west today, our ace photographers got a beautiful view of it on this time lapse. it was a gorgeous sight with a few high cloud up top and low clouds will filter their way into the bay area tomorrow. low clouds will kind of go back into the shoreline later in the evening, too. here's what we expect. high pressure that's been over the west coast will shrink, so the high eases up. temperatures cool slowly. the high expands again. it's going to get hot again next weekend. we get a break in between. here's what we expect for temperatures to cool slightly inland, dense fog at the shoreline and back to the 80s inland. extended forecast, inland to go down to the upper 80s by wednesday, low 80s by thursday, but just in time for the weekend we'll be sweltering again, a little something for everybody. >> another beach weekend. >> you got it. a cup that can count
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a good source of protein and calcium, and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. the all-time record..and a n today would have put them io the national league champiop series.. giants have won 10 straight postseason games, two shy of the all time record. a win today would have put them into the national league championship series. merced native doug fister was in trouble in the 2nd inning, but with the bases loaded he got madison bumgarner. the giants ace was dealing a shutout into the 7th when wilson ramos laid down a two strike bunt. bumgarner threw the ball to
2:06 am
third and in the giants bullpen. i january dez man scores and it's home with the slide. 9th inning drew storen gets a ground out with a runner on second base. they force game four tomorrow at at&t, all the talk after bumgarner's error. >> there was not any good decision and sure, you wish you could have it back and just get it out there. >> shouldn't have done it regardless of whether i should have thrown it over there or the, can't throw the ball way out there -- or not, can't throw the ball way out there. >> i told him to throw it there just with the way it was budgeted out, thought we might have a chance -- bunted out, thought we might have a chance, but he's a fast runner, probably should have taken him out at first. >> he scored and bryce harper scored behind him on that play.
2:07 am
cardinals pitcher john lackey allowed just one run through 7 in game three. cardinals win 3-1 and take a 2- 1 series lead. the dodgers are on the verge of elimination. the raiders had their first practice today under tony sparano who brought a shovel with him to the field. >> this ball to me goes in this hole, okay? it's four games worth. you feel like you need to do anything like that. >> 0-4 start behind them. he changed the schedule and even shuffled locker assignments. hopefully that will do her. percy harvin did not feel much like primetime when the seahawks took on the redskins tonight. that 19-yard touchdown called back for holding. very next play harvin in again 26-yard pass called back because harvin committed a penalty himself and in the 4th quarter a 41-yard pass to harvin. could the third time be a
2:08 am
charm? notice. james carpenter, holding. seattle won the game 27-17. thanks to 121 rushing yards from russell wilson, no thanks to percy harvin. finally mark kelly, our guy doing a live shot and who is that guy? that is hunter pence. i don't think mark knew exactly who was riding behind him. otherwise he would have grabbed him for an exclusive interview. so hunter pence. >> video bomb. >> on his scooter. >> i've been run down occasionally on embarcardero and you always ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ock down fight at david letterman is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 bright and early. see you there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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